Monday, 22 October 2012

Shine Like A Diamond

Review 'Technic Carnival'
Do you ever have that thing, where your nail varnish is starting to chip or you've got bored of the colour... but you haven't got the time to do a whole new design? I know i sound like a sales guy.. but THIS IS THE NAIL VARNISH FOR YOU!

However! I do have one complaint, you need a night in to get this stuff off! It is like industrial paint, but i'm told that all the glitter polish is the same so can't complain really.

I brought this nail polish from body care and it was only £2.99 (Barry M do have their own version but be ready to pay out for it). I love this glitter, the chunks are really thick and it doesn't feel tatty on your nails. The thing with me id i just can't be bothered to take my nail polish of, so if your like me this is perfect because you just wack it on and its a completely different style. Plus it adds a bit of glam to your outfit!
I just put a basic boring colour as a base, left them to dry and then applied the glitter over the top and within seconds it was done. It's even tidy enough to wear around the office ;)
Much Love xoxox

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Behind the scene's.

Seven Deadly Sin's.
The other week I was honoured to help out a friend of mine who's a photographer; who's latest project is titled 'Seven Deadly Sins'. But because of stupid red tape I can't show you the photo's yet, but they'll be out soon! In this shoot I was 'Lust' I mainly wanted to show you because of the amazing make-up. By the end of the day I just wanted to take it all off, but I think it looked amazing!
So we took some sneaky behind the scene pictures, here's just a couple. I know i look stupid on the below picure but i had such a great day and it sums it up perfectly.

Much Love xoxox

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Review & Treats

Evening all!
So i went shopping this weekend and so I thought i'd share my latest purchases with you lovelies! I have to admit the jem that i found where my NEW CREEPERS!
I have been looking for a pair for so long and I found them in some random shop in Wolverhampton. I'll put a post up later with them with an OOTD post.
Also I wanted to show you all the new lip colour i have fallen in love with (hense the picture of myself) I adore it, it makes your lips so soft! Because its a pencil you get such a smooth finish . I would definatly recommend it. Get buying girlies!

Below: My little treats and myself wearing 'Rimmel 1000 Kisses'.
Much Love xoxox


Hello all! I was looking over one of my favourite blogs recently; 'In A Blonde World'. If you love Mcqueen then this giveaway is for you. She's giving away an amazing Mcqueen clutch, and all you have to do is go over and follow her. I love this blog, so you all NEED to go follow!
Much Love xoxox

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Look who's back.

I have to say im such a bad blogger, it's been months since i've posted anything. So since my last post so much has changed in my life! I'm no longer a student (yay) and i passed my A-Levels so that means no more revision for me! I finished second year with a BBC grade which i was dead chuffed about. I turned 18, so im no longer a baby! And i have a new full time job, i'm now a Junior Test Analysis, working for Capgemini. But thats enough about me, back to fashion i have so many new things to share with you lovelies starting with this.
This is my OOTD, i've recently discovered COSMO'S, the best resturant on the planet and i needed a new outfit, luckily i had just got paid so I hit Wolverhampton and pulled out this. This is my first dipped hem skirt, i really wasn't a big fan of them when they first becaome fashionable, but i must admit they've grown on me! I added the short top because the skirt is high waisted so it skims all the right places!
 THE SHOES, where an absolute bargin, they where FIVEPOUNDS! From some random shop, i've needed some plain black one's for months!

Wear It:
Top - Topshop
Skirt - River Island
Shoes- Random shop in Wolves

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How To Wear; Very, Cherry, Berry Jeans

Firstly; I'm sorry ive been a bad little blogger no post in a week and a half! But i've had so much on, got my A level results back and i got an A in Psychology and a B in Business, really chuffed. Its also been my boyfriends birthday so the amount of work ive put in for that is ridiculas! Also put in for my drving theory test AHH! So scared so thats extra revision for me :(

Also sorry for baad quality, getting a new camera; EEP!

So I took these like last week but because of being so busy havn't been able to upload them, these are some of my work clothes and the fashion lately is very bright jeans bit since im more of tame girl i went a cherry colour. When wearing always try and keep the top half quite tame colourwise, I decided to go with a grey/ blue top and matched with the trusted blue denin jacket. I teamed the whole thing up with some simple black studded dollies.

The key to rocking bright skinnies is keep it simple you dont want to colour clash or add one too many accesories! What do you guys think of this new trend, what have you tried it out with?

Much Lovee xoxox

Sunday, 4 March 2012

the sun makes everything better; OOTD

So here in Shropshire we had the first bit on sun for 2012! Sure it was still windy and cold but it was my first excuse to crack out the sunnies and dare to venture out without a coat. Im sure you all have places you go when the sun makes an appearance, but here in Shropshire its Ironbridge a so me and the boyfriend talk a walk and took some cheeky snaps while out.

Wear It:
Top - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Denim Jacket - New Look
Shoes- Primark

 Accesorise It:
Belt - Primark
Glasses - Vintage
Bangle Assortment - Various

Even though the sun was out, it was still cold and windy so instead of going all out for summer i decided to go for a long skirt rather than a short, the outfit's still summery due to the of the shoulder top, but you don't look like you just stepped of a plane this way!

Excited for summer guys, have you already got your summer love's, or are you waiting for it to really kick in;
Much Love, Hol xoxox

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blue For Spring Pt 2;

So as well as my Republic splurge i also went on a beauty rampage, I've been after more ice cream coloured nail varnishes and so when i saw these in my supermarket I had to buy, they where only £1.59 each, so even if they're not much good who cares for that price!

This ring is my new prized pocession i picked it up on ebay a few weeks ago but havn't been able to post about it I love it! Its the dictionary definition for love, you can get many different words but i went for the cliche'. I also picked up this elephant neckless at Republic (who can probably guess buy now) it's got a super long chain so it'll go with pretty much anything!

Quick Review for the cheapo nail varnish, i decided to start off with the lilac and surprisingly it covererd evenly in one coat! Would probably have to go over again to get the full effects but this was just a quick trial. The most amazing part; this was done 4 days ago! And only slight chips, my nailss never last this long so im in awe!

Have you guys picked any bargins up latley let me know!
Much Love, Hol xoxox

Blue For Spring Pt 1;

So you may know i work at Republic, and its thats time of the season when i get uniform! I get a top and a bottom for free! So i had these things in my head that i wanted, but i tried them on and they looked horrible actually theyre in this post; it was the aztec top and leopard print shorts! Really disappointing!
So subconsciously i've turned my wardrobe blue for the spring! I got the American flag shorts and blue lace top for free (never a bad thing). I'll post the accessories in a seperate post, dont want you guys getting bored scrolling through the masses.

All clothes shown are brought from Republic, just different brands!

Wear It:
Blue And White Stripy Top - White Label
Stars And Stripes Shorts - Soul Cal
Blue Polka Dot Boob Tube - Miso
Blue Lace Top - Miso

These shorts are my new babies, i adore them I'm trying to save them until summer though because they're really quite short, the picture doesnt do the lace top justice I put it on and for a second I thought I was on holiday.Can't wait until summer!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Welcome to the 1930's

So I have a new favourite blog!

You guys have to check her out, every post's a good one! And so this girls style inspired me to re-create one of her looks, I love the whole denim t-shirt look so i styled a simple oversized denim shirt with so comfy leggins for a casual day style! I wanted to change it up abit though so it was pure plaugurism so i went fro a 30's theme!

By adding a hair band and pulling most of the hair back (leaving room for some uphfm!) I think it helps to create a more dated look, I also rolled back the sleeves to the shirt to add to the feel!
ALSO I tried photo editing! Wahayyy! What do you think, not bad for a first try!

Do you guys have a blog that inspires your outfits, let me know!
Much Love, Hol xoxox

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

and the award goes to;

I think that most people tuned into the Brits last night (i must say i was slightly heartbroken that it was broadcasted the same time as Big Fat Gypsy Wedding), it was a great night for British music but not only the attire worn by all attending made that of a hot topic of conversation for most fashionista's out there, so here are my picks of my favourite's of the night!

The iconic Kylie was one of the first to present the awards, and for me I think she set the standards for the others to follow; she look effortlessly elegant in her blue Yves Saint Laurent strapless gown. My next favourite has to be Pixie Lott's Dolce & Gobbanna all black ensamble, lots of critics would say a black floor lenth number on a red carpet would be unthinkable! But I think she pulls it off with an air of glamour with cherry red lips and side swept 30's inspired hair.
I know many people would look at Jessie J's outfit and think WTH?! But i adore it, i think its so brave and suits her personality down to a te! That and the bushy bunches 10/10 from me.

Lana Del Ray looks beautifully understated in her Vivienne Westwood floor length gown, it gives her an air of sophistaication which mirrored her acceptance speech. Caroline Flack proved to us that you dont have to go in a dress to make an entrance, the boyish cut suit is contrasted with the lace bowtie, bold print bag and killer heels!
Finally you've got to give Rhi Rhi some credit for bringing back the full arm legnth gloves, she matched it with a Givenchy dress an overall perfect combination!

So what do you guys think, any fashion no,no's last night, and who was your personal favourite
Much Love, Hol xoxox

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Trend Alert; Tweed

Last year i bought the most beautiful tweed blazer, i'd been looking for one for quite some time so when i just happened to walk in to a charity/vintage shop in the local town of Shrewsbury i grabbed it right then and there! This was before they where back into fashion so i snagged it for a bargin price of £5!!

 But there was a downside; I'm a size ten but the blazer was a 16! So with a bit of the old sewing kit out i think i managed to do an okay job of taking it in, fits like a glove!

I was in college today so i thought this outfit suited, I teamed the Tweed up with my leather River Island shorts (they have a post to themselve's further down), a over sized cream blouse and finally Brogues with a tartan inlay.
Find It:
Tweed Blazer - Random Charity Shop
Shorts - River Island
Brogues - primark
Blouse - Peacocks

Also accesorised with my Alexander McQueen style inspired scarf, because lets face it its still only february so by adding the scarf and thick wollen tights its makes sure you wont be looking like you don't own a calender!
Make Up:
As I was only in college today i didnt want to wear heavy make-up and weigh the outfit down, so instead I decided for a slick black eyeliner flicked at the end (usually the everyday look), with white and cream eye shadow tinting my eyes. I went for red lips, daring for me to say the least as i usually like to stickto my peaches and pale pinks. But i wanted to add a more sophisticated feel. I also tried to make my nail polish also matches the lips so went for a bright red!
Ring & Earings - Primark
Headband - New look
Scarf - Internet
'Daniel' Bracelet - Shop abroad

Monday, 20 February 2012

Barry M Review.

Firstly; i apologise for the bad pictures i had to use my phone because my camera's not wokring properly. I was in a total rush to do my nails i had about 3 minutes before i needed to leave so i shoved some black on and as you can guess it went all over my finger tips and hands, it was really patchy on my nails. So i had the white Barry M crackle for christmas and i'd been meaning to use it, so i popped this ontop and wahayy! Not completly tidy but it gave a great effect in a short time! 4/5!

It lasted a good 3 days because any sign of chips started to show, but once they did they just didnt stop so my advice is not to buy this if your looking for a week long look, you'll be spending more time painting them than anything else!

Friday, 17 February 2012

I heard it was the sexiest thing;

So I did a little survey and asked guys what they thought made a woman look the most sexy, I was expecting alot of clevage and a short skirt, but the guys I asked told me the sexiest thing a woman can  wear is a shirt and nothing else... so i wasn't going to go outside starkers in nothing but a shirt! However i decided to do my own little spin off. So instead of bare legs i wrnt for some dark leggins, and made my shirt really oversized to create the 'boyfriend look'. I didn't want to look like a total man however so i decided to keep it pink and girly!


 I've wanted Van's for ages, but  didnt want to be like everybody else who has the standards. So when i saw these gorgeous VANS brogues, i couldn't help but run tp the till!

If you saw my post below, you'll know that i've been drooling over the Mcqueen scarf but unfortunatly i havn't got lucky, im ashamed to say bought a Mcqueen Style Inspired scarf, it really does kill me to admit it :(

So what do you guys think is the sexiest thing a woman can wear?
Much love, Hol xoxox

Thursday, 9 February 2012

McQueen scarf... go on then!

I am SUCH huge fan of McQueen, since his collections started being paraded around by amazing Gaga he's only got better!  But my favourite peice has to be the famous scarf worn by celebrities, fashioinista's, and anyone who can justify paying £200 for a silk scarf! It is on my wish list so might have a check on Amazon later, but keep a look out hopefully i'll be able to post a picture soon!

As you can see it's hard to look anywhere in the celeb kingdom without seeing this beauty!

Even the A listers seem to be keen!

So I must say my favourite is the white with black skulls but which do you prefer, or any other colours you've seen and loved!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

the perfect buy;

I have absolutly fallen in love with these shorts, reduced from £25 down to £15 (then £10 the day after, typical) i've been looking for something i can team up with my shirt (peacocks) and when i found these i had to buy them! I'm definatly excited to be wearing these bad boys to college! And they can be worn with black or nude tights, can you ask for anything more!?
*Sorry for the bad picture quality*

Republic Wish List!

So i work at REPUBLIC, and we've just had all the new season in and it is beautiful so i went round and made myself a little wish list of everything i wanted! All my wages will be spent on this stuff!

So below i put together some of the stuff that was on the displays! When i saw this shirt on its own, i was abit scared because i had no idea what to wear it with, but when they put it with these it looked so amazing! Aztec clothing is really in this season and so it's a must buy! 

Now i know this could be a little bit too much blue, but toned down with a white vest underneath the blue top and it looks smart. Team it up with some big wedges and a bow in your hair and your ready to go with the 30's style thats creeping back in!

I love my job! Do you guys like Republic's new season, let me know!
Much Love, Hol xoxoxox

The secret of the sewing kit

As a girl i live for sales, shoe sales, clothes sales any type of sale! So when i saw this for a bargin price of £4!!!!!!! From Peacocks i just had to buy it! But there was something about it i had to change and i hope you cant guess....

Also feel the need to let you know this is going out Holly, not something i would ever wear in the day!

So If you didnt notice, this was actually a pencil skirt but with my trusted sewing machine on hand i managed to taylor it into a little party dress, I love animal prints and I think the bold print is toned down by the subtle colours. Definatly one of my favourite customisations!

Have you guys ever altered anything, keep me inspired and let me know!
Much Love, Hol xoxox

Fashion mishaps!

So you remember that outfit, your wern't quite sure on but your friends convinced you that it looked great, we all have one if not more but it wasnt until i was flicking over old photo's that i had an 'I can't believe I went out in that moment!' This was from last year, so i still had red hair so i do look quite different but i feel the need to show you all! :D
Okay so i know it's not that bad but it just shows how much ive changed in a year what do you think, was it a complete fashion no no, and what are you big mishaps thats your ashamed to have worn
Much Love, Holly xoxox 

Christmas Dress!

Every girl needs a dress at christmas time, and chances are you'll fall in love with it the moment you see it, and that was what happened with me. When i was at work afew weeks before christmas this beautiful dress came in, and you know it i needed it. Some of these pictures are from christmas day, and others from my christmas meal with my boyfriend <3

Apologies for the bad pictures though, they wern't taken to go on the blog but i just thought what the hell, but since winters gone i was wondering are you girls out there still rocking your christmas dresses or are they in the back of your wardrobe waiting for next year?

                                                           Much Love, Hol xoxox

The animal within.

Everyone who knows me, understands i never wear coats and for many different reasons; either i can never find one i like, they dont match my outfits but the usual one is it makes me look bulky. So i think everyone was surprised when i invested in this baby;

Before this year i HATED faux fur coats, and even more real fur, but i saw this and instantly fell in love. It had to come all the way from Hong Kong so i had to what for a while but this was my christmas pretty of my wonderful Grandma!

So whats your opinion on fur, faux or real? Are you a fan or just someone who stays well away, let me know i want to hear your thought!

Much Love, Hol xoxox


I havn't posted anything on so long! But all that is about to change, im going to catch up on what ive missed and i have WAY TO MANY outfits to share with all you gorgeous dolls out there, i've just been sobusy with exams ive had no time! But thats about to stop, we've had the new line in at Republic and im going to share how to wear the new season!
Much Love, Holly xoxox