Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How To Wear; Very, Cherry, Berry Jeans

Firstly; I'm sorry ive been a bad little blogger no post in a week and a half! But i've had so much on, got my A level results back and i got an A in Psychology and a B in Business, really chuffed. Its also been my boyfriends birthday so the amount of work ive put in for that is ridiculas! Also put in for my drving theory test AHH! So scared so thats extra revision for me :(

Also sorry for baad quality, getting a new camera; EEP!

So I took these like last week but because of being so busy havn't been able to upload them, these are some of my work clothes and the fashion lately is very bright jeans bit since im more of tame girl i went a cherry colour. When wearing always try and keep the top half quite tame colourwise, I decided to go with a grey/ blue top and matched with the trusted blue denin jacket. I teamed the whole thing up with some simple black studded dollies.

The key to rocking bright skinnies is keep it simple you dont want to colour clash or add one too many accesories! What do you guys think of this new trend, what have you tried it out with?

Much Lovee xoxox

Sunday, 4 March 2012

the sun makes everything better; OOTD

So here in Shropshire we had the first bit on sun for 2012! Sure it was still windy and cold but it was my first excuse to crack out the sunnies and dare to venture out without a coat. Im sure you all have places you go when the sun makes an appearance, but here in Shropshire its Ironbridge a so me and the boyfriend talk a walk and took some cheeky snaps while out.

Wear It:
Top - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Denim Jacket - New Look
Shoes- Primark

 Accesorise It:
Belt - Primark
Glasses - Vintage
Bangle Assortment - Various

Even though the sun was out, it was still cold and windy so instead of going all out for summer i decided to go for a long skirt rather than a short, the outfit's still summery due to the of the shoulder top, but you don't look like you just stepped of a plane this way!

Excited for summer guys, have you already got your summer love's, or are you waiting for it to really kick in;
Much Love, Hol xoxox