Saturday, 29 October 2011

From Armani To PRImarni

 One of the best colour combinations this year is mustard and moroon. So I thought i'd try it out. I love the look, the colour compliment each other and it goes with the Autumn weather so well. It was a bit cold out so I chucked on a scarf and a long brown cardy. I was impressed at how warm I stayed to be honest, I'm not giving in and buying a coat yet!
I also LOVE going to designer stores spotting an outfit and re-inventing it at a cheaper version! So I set myself a challenge; re-create a look using clothes only from Primark, I think i did a pretty good job. What do you guys think. did I succeed?


Monday, 24 October 2011

Puffy coat of horror..

I was in town, browsing through H&M and i saw this on the wall, and of course the shelves where lined with this puffy coat of shininess. It made me think that even though this coat will only suit a certain type of woman, how many people will buy this purely because of the model wearing it. They would buy anything to simply follow the trend, regardless of if it even did suit their body shape. Lets just say i'll be seeing people in these rather than wearing one! Does anyone actually think this is nice?

Red.White & Blue


Shrewsbury; I have so much love for this little town, so many little independent stores to you find great little numbers. Top: New Look. I wanted a quirky look for this outfit so add black tights instead of opaque and colourful pumps instead of dollies, choice of shoes is so IMPORTANT it dresses the outfit up or down. Since i was only going for a mooch around town i threw on the pumps!

So big labels or indepent?

Friday, 14 October 2011


So its an obvious one, blazers are in this season, and all the fashion icons are wearing them, as seen below. I've been looking for a tweed blazer for pretty much months and so when my friend advised me to go charity shop hunting its safe to say it was my only hope. So after looking round countless shops in my area i found none, i did by a cute little jumper but that's another blog. So today just by chance i nipped into a British Heart Foundation charity shop and what did i see? The most beautiful tweed jacket! Of course i snatched it up straight away for a tiny £5!
The moral here is never class out old shops, or charity shop more often that not they hold the best bargins!
So who do you think wears it best? I must admit I love SJP in this, agree? Comment xoxox

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not giving these up so easily!

Just another little fashion blog to keep the world going round! So unfortunatly its that time f year when the shorts go away and cardi's come out! but i'm not quite ready to give up my skirts and shorts!
  • Go for darker coloured tights underneath the shorts, it gives a more wintery feel to it aswel as keeping your legs toasty. Black tights go with ANYTHING so don't be scared to just wack them on under a coloured skirt. Opposites are in!
  • Swap the sandals for brogues or some boots maybe, i dont think its quite cold enough for the UGGS to be out yet, but team the boots up with some dark tights and shorts!
  • LEGGINS! Can not say how much leggins are a love of mine, but now that the winters come its  not enough to put an oversized shirt on top of a thin pair! Try getting some patterned wooly ones instead. They're selling them everywhere atm, even Primark.
  • Body warmers, i must admit im not a huge fan but they are in this season just make sure the colours are rich but moody, you dont want to look like you did when you where 5 and mom thought it was cool to put you in that bright pink puff monster! i still have nightmares!
  • 3/4 sleeved coats, if your like me and you are NOT putting your shorts away without a fight then this is ideal its perfect to just shove on over the top and it wont look out of place up against your outfit.
So i better keep this first post short and sweet, lets face it im stil a noob! But make sure to follow and like, lots of love xoxox