Sunday, 14 October 2012

Review & Treats

Evening all!
So i went shopping this weekend and so I thought i'd share my latest purchases with you lovelies! I have to admit the jem that i found where my NEW CREEPERS!
I have been looking for a pair for so long and I found them in some random shop in Wolverhampton. I'll put a post up later with them with an OOTD post.
Also I wanted to show you all the new lip colour i have fallen in love with (hense the picture of myself) I adore it, it makes your lips so soft! Because its a pencil you get such a smooth finish . I would definatly recommend it. Get buying girlies!

Below: My little treats and myself wearing 'Rimmel 1000 Kisses'.
Much Love xoxox


  1. Those creepers are pretty amazing, great buy!
    Thank you for the follow and lovely post, I am now following you too :)
    Speak soon, Maddie xx

  2. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I already follow you! I once saw a tv show saying that they tested 1000 kisses by kissing 1000 people with the liner on! Aha! love Em xxxx

  3. you look so nice in that photo! you have a lovely blog :)

  4. the colour of the lipstick is gorgeous on you, and look at all those bags, you have been busy!
    i love your blog, i've just started following.
    come over and say hi sometime, it'd be lovely to chat!
    hope to hear from you soon
    laura xx